Professor Mindy Blaise

ECU Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Research Fellow
Mindy’s current research explores:
  • Human-environment relations
  • Education for future survival
  • Everyday sexisms in higher education
  • Postdevelopmentalism, feminisms, anti-colonialisms, and interdisciplinarity for reworking humanist ontologies
  • More-than-human & creative method/ologies

Email: m.blaise@ecu.edu.au

Blogs: Perth Water Collaboratory | Walking-with Derbarl Yerrigan

Twitter: @BlaiseMindy

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2476-9407

Dr. Jane Merewether

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Jane’s current research explores:
  • Post-anthropocentric pedagogies in early childhood education
  • Feminist New Materialisms
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Pedagogical documentation

Email: j.merewether@ecu.edu.au

Blog: Wandering with Wetlands

Twitter: @janemerewether

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5860-9255

Dr. Jo Pollitt

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Jo’s current research explores:
  • Creative arts methodologies
  • More-than-human education
  • Feminist, anti-colonial, queer, embodied and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Practice-led scholarship and research-creation
  • Art-environment pedagogies

Email: j.pollitt@ecu.edu.au

Blog: Conversations with Rain

Twitter: @JoPollitt4

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2821-7768

Vanessa Wintoneak

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate
Vanessa’s research explores:
  • Radically relational pedagogies
  • Walking-with practices
  • Embodied, embedded, relational, and affective methods
  • Diffractive analysis

Karen Nociti

Master of Education by Research Candidate
Karen’s research explores:
  • Place-children relations
  • More-than-human literacies
  • Walking-with methodologies
  • Relational ontologies
  • Intra-active entanglements

Email: k.nociti@ecu.edu.au

Twitter: @KarenNociti

Blog: https://encounteringplace.com/

Claire O’Callaghan

Masters of Education by Research Student
Claire’s research explores:
  • Water-child relations
  • Poetics of water
  • Thinking-with curious practices
  • Pedagogical documentation
  • Poetics as data analysis

Email: clocalla@our.ecu.edu.au

Twitter: @ClaireOcalla

Katie Pitchford

Master of Education by Research student
Katie’s research explores:
  • Experimental practices in overlooked spaces
  • Child-string-figure relations 
  • Thinking with Feminist New Materialisms 
  • Pedagogical Documentation as future tracings 

Email: kpitchfo@our.ecu.edu.au