The Ediths Press: Making it together in 2021

Following Dr Astrida Neimanis’s (University of British Columbia) inspiring workshop, Living a Feminist Academic Life, held in November 2020 at ECU, we invited Ediths participants to come together and contribute to a newspaper we had begun. Fifteen contributors participated in the making of the paper and many others gave feedback and responses to a draft of the work during a real time responsive ‘walk around’ on ECU’s Mt Lawley campus. The purpose of the newspaper is to make visible what feminism is, how feminism is part of our survival tool kits, and how it is necessary for living a feminist academic life. The Ediths Press is available in print form only as a strategy for connecting with people differently during these online times and to destabilise the dominant printed press conglomerates. The paper includes cartoons, commentary, fun facts, quizzes, puzzles, QR codes to podcasts, book club readings, advice columns, job advertisements, and of course…obituaries. Now ‘hot-off the press’, the Newspaper has been slipped under doors of university academics and shared via mail. If you would like a limited edition print copy please send your best mail address to

Collective Thinking-with Feminist Researchers:
A Practice of Enfolding

Collective Thinking-with Feminist Researchers: A Practice of Enfolding is a series of lively entries in response to feminist methodologies explored during the Ediths Roundtable Series 2021. As an ongoing project of collective thinking-with, we churn, turn-over, expand, and add-to feminist research practices that are always in motion. The blog is situated as part of the Common Worlds Research Collective. Links to each of the nine blog posts below: