The Ediths are a feminist interdisciplinary research collective. We use socially engaged creative methodologies to conduct ecologically responsive research.

Our projects attend to three interrelated concerns: 
1) Entwined cultural and environmental dimensions of colonisation
2) Situated Common Worlding frameworks that resist the natureculture divide
3) Expanded understandings of inclusion and belonging.

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The Ediths

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Professor Mindy Blaise
ECU Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Research Fellow

current research:
– Human-environment relations
– Education for future survival
– Everyday sexisms in higher education
– Postdevelopmentalism, feminisms, anti-colonialisms, and interdisciplinarity for reworking humanist ontologies
– More-than-human & creative method/ologies

Email: m.blaise@ecu.edu.au
Blog(s): Perth Water Collaboratory | Walking-with Derbarl Yerrigan
Twitter: @BlaiseMindy
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2476-9407

Dr. Jane Merewether
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

current research:
– Post-anthropocentric pedagogies in early childhood education
– Feminist New Materialisms
– Environmental Humanities
– PoReggio Emilia
– Pedagogical documentation

Email: j.merewether@ecu.edu.au
Blog(s): Wandering with Wetlands
Twitter: @janemerewether
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5860-9255

Dr. Jo Pollitt
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

current research:
– Creative arts methodologies
– More-than-human education
– Feminist, anti-colonial, queer, embodied and interdisciplinary perspectives
– Practice-led scholarship and research-creation
– Art-environment pedagogies

Email: j.pollitt@ecu.edu.au
Blog(s): Conversations with Rain
Twitter: @JoPollitt4
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2821-7768

Vanessa Wintoneak
Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

current research:
– Radically relational pedagogies
– Education for future survival
– Walking-with practices
– Embodied, embedded, relational, and affective methods
– Diffractive analysis

Email: vwinton0@our.ecu.edu.au
Website: www.vanessawintoneak.wordpress.com
Twitter: @vwintoneak
Instagram: @vanessawintoneak


Karen Nociti
Master of Education by Research Candidate

current research:
– Place-children relations
– More-than-human literacies
– Walking-with methodologies
– Relational ontologies
– Intra-active entanglements

Email: k.nociti@ecu.edu.au
Blog(s): Encountering Place
Twitter: @KarenNociti

Claire O’Callaghan
Masters of Education by Research Student

current research:
– Water-child relations
– Poetics of water
– Thinking-with curious practices
– Pedagogical documentation
– Poetics as data analysis

Email: clocalla@our.ecu.edu.au
Twitter: @ClaireOcalla